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Hold-It Instructions

Hold-It! Moldable Clay Compound: The Moldable Third Arm

The magic clay that holds your small parts while soldering silver and golds! It will stay in its molded form and provide some heat protection from delicate soldered areas or thinner areas. It is NOT a heat shield to protect stones.

After the clay cools and your piece is cool, it breaks off and any tiny bits left can be washed off with soap and water with a soft toothbrush. Your piece then can be pickled in your choice of pickle. Do not put in your pickle expecting the clay to come off. Remove as much as possible before placing in pickle. It will make a mushy gross mess in your pickle if you don’t take care to remove as much of it as possible.

While it will not disintegrate, it will get burnt slightly and hardened from direct flame. Any still soft and malleable clay can be worked back into your unused jar of clay. Any hardened dried clay can be saved in a separate jar or ziplock baggie until at least half a spent jar is collected. Any BLACK bits should be thrown away.

It can be reconstituted by taking approximately a half of a jars worth of spent clay. Anything much smaller is harder to rework to clay consistency and often easy to over saturate with water. I use an electric coffee bean grinder I picked up at goodwill. I grind the spent dried clay up into fine small chunks. I place ground up clay into a heavy duty freezer style ziplock. I slowly add warm to hot water a tablespoon at a time. I massage the water back into the dried clay until it becomes a malleable lump again. I repeat adding water until it becomes a similar consistency to the original. It take WAY LESS water than you think. Add in small amounts, working in-between as to not over saturate and make clay that is super wet. It is difficult to work with when too wet.

NOT FOR USE WITH PLATINUM OR PLATINUM GROUP METALS>>> Platinum group metals don’t like carbon and this produces carbon.

Does not contain asbestos or other harmful additives. Contains aluminum oxide, silica and water.

Comes shipped in an 8oz jar but will weigh as approximately 6oz of clay. The clay does not come to the rim but will be about 1/2-2/3 full.

Jar must be kept closed TIGHTLY with inner SEAL intact. Do not throw away self sealing lid liner. It needs to stay closed when not in use to keep the clay from drying out.

VIDEOS of it in use on my YouTube

There are MANY MANY uses for this clay. I have yet to discover all of them! Please tag me @janejanedesigns on Instagram to share how you use it! Also use the hash tag #HowIuseHoldIt and #HoldItClay. Have fun and Happy Creating!